8 Questions to Ask your Applicant's References

Unsure what to ask during a reference check? Here are 8 great questions you can ask your applicant's references!

April 21, 2022
Schools and Childcare Centers

A great way to get to know the candidate you’re interviewing even better is to ask for references. References are people that can vouch for the candidate’s work ethic. Speaking to a couple of references will help you gain better insights into the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and abilities from someone who’s actually observed or worked with them. Normally, speaking to references comes after all rounds of interviews have been completed. The best way to ask a candidate for references is to ask them to bring the contact information for 2-3 references to their last interview with you. If the last interview goes well, you can call the references afterwards.

Below are 8 sample questions that you can ask references that will give you a better understanding of who your applicant is: 

What was your relationship with the candidate?
What were his/her greatest strengths/weaknesses as a teacher?
Would you rehire him/her if you had the chance to (if reference is a former employer)? 
How does he/she respond to stress or issues related to work?
Is there a time where he/she managed a high pressure situation very well?
How does he/she respond to feedback?
Can you use 3 adjectives to describe his/her personality? And why?
Is there anything else you’d like me to know about him/her?