Make Teaching Summer School Fun!

Lets make teaching fun this summer!

July 13, 2022

For many teachers, summer is spent in the classroom. So let’s make it fun! Teachers and students alike want to enjoy their summer, and we’re here to help. Summer school does not mean that you need to be holed up in a room teaching out of workbooks and graphic organizers. 

Here are some ideas, we have for you to make teaching this summer enjoyable:

  1. Use thematic lessons
    Base your summer lessons on different themes. For example, you can create lessons on ocean animals and teach about a different animal your students might find at the beach every week. Or you can base your lessons on different plants that grow in the summer, and have them plant one by the end of the summer. There are various summer themes that you can incorporate into your classroom. Doing this will make your classroom more engaging! 
  1. Take your students to the park or nature walks
    Children, especially the younger ones, benefit from outdoor activities. Taking them to the park is a great way to keep them active while having fun. One of the great things about going to the park during the summer is being able to cool down in the sprinklers! You can plan weekly “water days” for your kids. Just make sure they bring sunscreen, a bottle of water, and an extra change of clothes! 
  1. Get them active
    If there isn’t a nearby park or field to take walks, you can always keep them active inside! There are a bunch of websites out there that provide brain break videos for students to follow along with. Our favorite is Gonoodle (completely free for educators)! However, there are several similar websites out there that you can use as well. If all else fails, you can always play music and have dance breaks in your classroom! However you choose to keep your students active this summer, just remember to always keep them hydrated and cool as well. 

Summer school doesn’t have to be all academics. Incorporate some of these ideas into your routine and make summer learning fun!